Welcome to my MOD site, dedicated for Scania Truck Driving Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.
Everything on this site is free, there will not be any commercials, no countdown timer before download and no mods are locked.
All mods on this site is made by me, Flemming V.

This site will always have all mods completely upto date regarding game versions, as I have been a Senior Beta tester for SCS Software for 8 years now.
This benefit me in being able to have a new build version ready the day the game will be updated. :-)

Feel free to see if you can use anything on this site. If you have any problem with a mod, you can find me on the SCS forum as I am Moderator there.
My BDF Tandem Truck Pack discussion, is to be found here on the forum: SCS Forum here
PLEASE use above link to forum to report a bug, a suggestion or if you just want to talk.

You find Changelog on this site which is where you can see what future update you can expect.
You can download a beta version of the BDF Tandem Truck Pack, from time to time when I have made something I want you to test.
Read more about that on the SCS forum

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